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2013 King of the Hammers Wrap Up

Warn Industries - 2013 King of the Hammers Wrap Up

2013 King of the Hammers Wrap Up
Written: February 11, 2013
by Andy Lilienthal
Another King of the Hammers is in the books, and it was a toughie. Of the 129 entries, only 27 finished before the 10:00pm deadline. That means only about 21% of all the entries finished. Tell me that's not a grueling race.

The winner was Randy Slawson, second place went to Shannon Campbell (pictured above), and third place went to Chicky Barton. Congrats to those three, as it was well deserved!

We're hearing a rumor of a big jump in attendance (100,000 people?) this year, and judging by the massive amount of RVs, campers, and rigs we saw, we wouldn't doubt it. While Thursday was a beautiful day in the California desert (we had a photo shoot with the WARN ZEON winch as well as Jessi Combs), Friday proved to be windy and cold with gusts around 45 mph and temps in the 30s. While we may have been cold in Hammertown, I'm sure those on the lakebed doing 80 mph must've been downright freezing. Then again, when the adrenaline gets pumping, cold might not be much of a factor.

Looking for pics from the event? Be sure to check out the WARN Facebook page, which has lots of photos of both the racers and the rigs around Johnson Valley. In addition, our friends at have a lot of coverage of the UTV race. With 2013 being a success on nearly all fronts, we're looking forward to seeing what 2014 has in store.

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