Motorcycle Winches: XT17 Portable Winch

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So Light You Won't Even Know It's There. Until You Need It.

It's light. It's powerful. And it shares your sense of adventure. The XT17 winch can pull up to 1,700 pounds. And talk about easy to carry--aluminum construction, 40 feet of synthetic rope, and a new 8.5 lb. design will have you taking it everywhere.

  • Rigging system allows mounting of winch to any 12V battery-equipped vehicle or stable structure. No application-specific hardware is needed
  • Features 1,700 lbs. of pulling capacity, and 40 feet (12.19m) of easy-to-handle synthetic rope
  • Patented disc brake for reliable stopping power
  • Sealed motor and contactor provides protection from extreme weather conditions
  • Clutch control provides rope free-spool capability
  • Choose from two different kits: winch with handlebar-mounted control, or corded remote wired directly to the winch
  • PN 85700 includes hand-held corded remote, rigging strap and wiring with quick-connect plugs. Easily transferable between vehicles
  • PN 85900 includes handlebar-mounted winch control with rigging strap and wiring with quick-connect plugs
Adventure Touring Winch

PN 85700 (Controls on winch)

PN 85900 (Controls on vehicle)

Part Number: 85700 (Controls on winch)
Part Number: 85900 (Controls on vehicle)
Rated line pull: 1,700 lbs. (771 kgs) single-line
Motor: 12V DC, .4 hp (.3kW) permanent magnet
Control PN 85700: Corded remote control with 10' (3m) lead
Control PN 85900:: Handlebar mounted rocker switch
Geartrain: 3-Stage Planetary
Gear ratio: 112:1
Clutch (freespooling): Cam activated
Brake: Mechanical brake standard
Rope: Synthetic, 40' of 5/32" diameter (12.2mm, 4mm diam.)
Fairlead: Hawse
Recommended Battery: 12 amp/hour minimum for winching
Battery leads: 10 gauge
Duty cycle: Intermittent
Finish: Black
Weight: 9 lbs./4.08 kgs (winch and rope only)

Line Pull
Line Speed
Pull by layer
0 13.8 (4.2) 6 amps 1/1700 (771)
500 (227) 10.2 (3.0) 27 amps 2/1496 (678)
1000 (455) 6.4 (1.9) 44 amps 3/1316 (597)
1700 (771) 4.6 (1.4) 65 amps 4/1158(525)

Winch Dimensions: 10.3" L. x 4.0" D. x 4.2" H. (26cm L. x 10cm D. x 10.7cm H.)
Portable Winch Carry Plate
Portable Winch
Carry Plate

Conveniently stow your winch on the rear of your bike.
Rigging Straps
Rigging Straps

Heavy duty rigging strap. (Rated to 6,400 lbs.) 1" x 8'