Bumpers: Polaris (SXS) Application Chart

Year Application Part Number
10-13Ranger 400 Midsize (H.O.) (Crew) 90794S,AM,AN
2010Ranger 500 4X483340S
11-13Ranger 500 Midsize (H.O.) (Crew)90794S,AM,AN
11-13Ranger 500 EFI90794S,AM,AN
2015Ranger 57091000
2009Ranger 700 XP 4X483340S
2009Ranger 700 HD 4X483340S
10-11Ranger 800 6X6, Crew 4X4, HD 4x483340S
2010Ranger 800 XP (Browning) 4X4, (XP) (EPS) 4X483340S
10-11Ranger 6x683340S
2011Ranger Diesel 4X483340S
2011Ranger HD 800 EPS 4X483340S
12-13Ranger Midsize 800 EFI (HO) (Crew)90794S,AM,AN
2013Ranger 900 (XP)91000
14-15Ranger 900 Crew (Full Size)91000
11-13Ranger RZR 57091000
08-13Ranger 800 RZR (S) 4X478207S,AM,AN
11-12Ranger 800 RZR 4 EPS 4X478207S,AM,AN
12-13Ranger 800 RZR (EPS) 4x4 78207S,AM,AN
11-13Ranger RZR 900 4X487722AN,S
2014Ranger RZR 900 4X494932
13-14 Ranger RZR 1000 (XP) 4X492337
2015 Ranger RZR 1000 (XP) 4X494932

AM Not compatible with Warn Plow Mount
AN Fits 25/30 RT/XT, PV25-35 and V20-30 series winches only
S Combination Winch Mount and Bumper