<Warn Industries - WARN Standard Plow System for ATVs: Center Mounting Kit

WARN Standard Plow System for ATVs: Center Mounting Kit

08-12350 4X485260
08-12366 4X4 Automatic85260
2002375 Automatic 2X4, 4X463294
98-01400 2X4, 4X437853
2002400 i 2X4, 4X463294
03-04400 2X4 (Automatic)63294
03-08400 4X4 (Automatic) (ACT) (VP)63294
2004400 Automatic TBX 4X463294
05-07400 Automatic (TBX) (LE) 4X463294
07-09400 Automatic TRV 4X463294
06-12400 Automatic VP 4X463294
2013400 4X485260
08-12425 4X485260
2013450 4X485260
98-01500 4X437853
00-01500 Automatic 4X460940
2002500i Automatic 4X463294
02-04500 4X4, Automatic (TBX) 4X463294
05-09500 (Automatic) (M4) (TBX) 4X463294
04-08500 Automatic TRV 4X463294
2009500 H1 EFI 4X463294
09-12550 LTD 4X4, 550 S 4X4, 550 (Cruiser) TRV (GT) 4X463294
2004650 4X463294
05-11650 TBX H1 LE TRV 4X463294
07-11700 (EFI) (M4) (LE) (H1) (TRV) (Diesel) (SE) 4X463294
10-11700 4X4 (H1) (Cruiser) (TRV) (GT) 4X463294
10-11700 4X4 (TBX) (LTD) (S) (Super Duty Diesel)63294
09-101000 H2 TRV 4X463294
20101000 H2 Cruiser TRV 4X463294
96-98Bear Cat 454 4X437853
09-10MudPro 700 H1 EFI 4X463294
2011Mud Pro 700 4X463294
2011Mud Pro 1000 4X463294
08-10Thundercat 1000 H2 (LE) 4X480582
2011TRV 1000 Cruiser 4X463294
03-05Outlander 330 (MAX) 2X4, 4X467945
03-04Outlander 400 2X4 4X4 (XT)67945
03-mid 06Outlander 400 4X4 MAX67945
05-mid 06Outlander 400 XT 4X4, MAX XT67945
mid 06-late 06Outlander 400 4X4 MAX72504
07-12Outlander 400 4X4, (MAX) (XT) 4X472504
07-08Outlander 500 4X4 MAX72504
07-12Outlander 500 4X4 MAX XT (LTD)72504
13-14Outlander 500 4X4 MAX XT (LTD)89613
06-07Outlander 650 XT 4X4, MAX XT 4X472504
06-12Outlander 650 4X4 (R) (MAX) (MR) (DPS) (LTD)72504
08-12Outlander 650 MAX XT (XT-P) 4X472504
13-14Outlander 650 4X4 (R) (MAX) (MR) (DPS) (LTD)89613
06-08Outlander 800 4X4, MAX 4X472504
06-11Outlander 800 4X4 (R) (MAX) (MR) (DPS) (LTD)72504
08-11Outlander 800 MAX XT (XT-P) 4X472504
12-14Outlander 800 4X4 (R) (MAX) (XT) (X) (XT-P) (MR)89613
12-14Outlander 1000 4X4 (R) (MAX) (XT) (X) (XT-P) (MR)89613
12-14Renegade 500 4X4 (R) (MAX) (XT) (X) (XT-P) (MR)89613
12-14Renegade 800 4X4 (R) (MAX) (XT) (X) (XT-P) (MR)89613
12-14Renegade 1000 4X4 (R) (MAX) (XT) (X) (XT-P) (MR)89613
01-04Quest 500 4X4 (XL)65179
01-04Quest 650 4X4 (MAX) (XL)65179
01-03Traxter 2X465179
99-04Traxter 4X465179
2005Traxter 500 4X4 Automatic (CVT) (XT)65179
2005Traxter 650 Automatic CVT 4X465179
2005Traxter 650 4X4 Automatic CVT XT65179
03-04Traxter MAX 4X465179
2005Traxter MAX 500 Automatic 4X465179
2005Traxter MAX 500 Automatic XT 4X465179
2005Traxter MAX 650 Automatic CVT 4X465179
2005Traxter MAX 650 Automatic CVT XT 4X465179
01-04Traxter (XL) (XT) 4X465179
2005Traxter XL 500 4X465179
93-00300 (TRX300FW) 4X437850
95-03Foreman (TRX400FW) 4X437851
98-04Foreman TRX450 4X4 (S) (ES) (FM) (FE)37852
05-06Foreman TRX500 (TM) (FE) 2X4 4X470583
07-11Foreman TRX500 TM 2X470583
07-11Foreman TRX500 (FM) (FPM) (ES) (FE) (FPE) 4X470583
12-13Foreman TRX500 (FE) (FM) (FPE) (FPM)4x487686
00-06Rancher TRX350 (FM) (ES) (FE) 4X463290
04-07Rancher AT TRX400 (FA) (FG) (FGA) (GPScape) 4x463290
07-13Rancher TRX420 (TM) (ES) (TE) 2X487686
07-13Rancher TRX420 (AT) (FM) (EPS) (FE) (FPE) (FPA) (FPM) 4x487686
2014Rancher TRX420 (AT) (FM) (EPS) (FE) (FPE) (FPA) (FPM) 4x4TBA
2014Rancher TRX420 IRS (AT) 4X487686
03-06Rincon TRX650 (FA) 4X465070
07-13Rincon GPScape TRX680 (FGA)(FA) 4X465070
2014Rincon GPScape TRX680 (FGA)(FA) 4X4TBA
00-04Rubicon (TRX500FA) 4X461611
05-06Rubicon TRX500 (FA) (FG) 4x470583
07-09Rubicon GPScape TRX500FGA 4X470583
07-13Rubicon TRX500 (FA) (FG) (FPA) 4x470583
2014Rubicon TRX500 (FA) (FG) (FPA) 4x4TBA
89-02Bayou 300 4X437847
93-99Bayou 400 4X437848
05-12Brute Force 650 4X462686
05-13Brute Force 650 4X4i70558AO
05-07Brute Force 750 4X4i70558
08-13Brute Force 750 (EPS) 4X4i70558AO
99-02Prairie 300 2X4 4X437838
02-11Prairie 360 2X4, 4X462686
97-02Prairie 400 2X437838
97-98Prairie 400 4X437838
99-02Prairie 400 4X437838
01-03Prairie 650 Twin 4X462686
04-06Prairie 700 4X462686
09-10MXU 375 IRS 4X484820
10-12MXU 500 4x486680
2013MXU 500, 750 (i)TBA
04-05ATP 330 4X464580
04-05ATP 500 H.O. 4X464580
93-99Big Boss 400L 6X6 37844
00-02Magnum 325 4X439609
03-06Magnum 330 4X464580
93-98Magnum 425 4X4 6X637845
99-02Magnum 500 4X439609
08-10Sportsman 300 4X4 (H.O.)79018
98-00Sportsman 335 4X437843
96-97Sportsman 400 4X437845
01-03Sportsman 400 4X437843
04-04-1/2Sportsman 400 4X437843
04-1/2-07Sportsman 400 4X437843AL
08-10Sportsman 400 4X4 (H.O.)79018
11-13Sportsman 400 4X487355
96-03Sportsman 500 4X437843
2000Sportsman 500 Remington 4X437843
01-02Sportsman 500 DUSE 4X4, RSE 4X437843
04-04-1/2Sportsman 500 4X437843
04-1/2-07Sportsman 500 4X437843AL
09-10Sportsman 500 Touring 4X478395
11-13Sportsman 500 4X4 (H.O.)87355
09-13Sportsman 550 4X4 (EPS) (XP)80260
10-13Sportsman 550 4X4, (EPS) (H.O.)80260
2014Sportsman 570 4X4 (H.O.)TBA
2003Sportsman 600 Twin 4X463936
04-04-1/2Sportsman 600 Twin 4X463936
04-1/2-05Sportsman 600 Twin 4X463936
02-03Sportsman 700 Twin 4X463936
04-04-1/2Sportsman 700 Twin 4X463936
04-1/2-06Sportsman 700 Twin 4X463936
05-06Sportsman 800 4X463936
2009Sportsman 800 X2 4X478395
09-10Sportsman 800 4X463936
08-09Sportsman 800 Touring 4X478395
11-13Sportsman 800 (H.O.) (EFI) 4X487355
09-13Sportsman 850 XP EPS 4X480260
00-03Xpedition 425 4X4 39609
97-98Xplorer 300, 400 4X437846
1999Xplorer 300 4X439608
99-02Xplorer 400 4X439608
14-16ACE 32595848
15-17ACE 570 (SP)95848
17ACE 900 (SP)95848
02-04Eiger 400 (LT-A400) (LT-F400) 2X463840
02-06Eiger 400 (LT-A400F) (LT-F400F) 4X463840
93-03King Quad 300 (LT-F300F) 4X437842L
08-11King Quad 400 (AS) (FS) (I) (Camo) 4X4 63840
07-12King Quad 450 (Axi) (PS) 4X470737
09-12King Quad 500 AXi (PS) (Camo) 4X470737
05-07King Quad 700 4X470737
08-12King Quad 750 (Axi) (PS) (Camo) 4X470737
00-01Quad Master 500 (LT-A500F) 4X437802
98-03Quad Runner 500 (LT-F500F) 4X437802
04-05Twin Peaks 700 4X462686
02-06Vinson 500 (LT-A500F) 4X465400
03-05Vinson 500 (LT-F500F) 4X465400
97-99Big Bear 350 2X4 4X437839
00-04Big Bear 400 2x460124
00-07Big Bear 400 4X460124
08-11Big Bear 400 4X460124
00-01Big Bear Professional 4X437840Y
96-99Big Bear SE 350 4X437840Y
04-06Bruin 350 Automatic 2X4, 4X464670
08-10Grizzly 350 Auto 2X464670
07-11Grizzly 350 Auto (IRS) 4X464670
12-13Grizzly 350 Auto (IRS) 4X4TBA
05-09Grizzly 400 Automatic 4X464670
05-08Grizzly 450 Automatic 4X464670
09-13Grizzly 450 (EPS) 4x464670
09-11Grizzly 550 (EPS) 4x473996
12-16Grizzly 550 4x488188
1998Grizzly 600 4X437841
99-01Grizzly 600 4X439553
02-08Grizzly 660 Automatic 4X464669
2007Grizzly 700 4X473996
08-11Grizzly 700 (EPS) 4X473996
2011Grizzly 700 FI Auto EPS Special Edition 4X473996
12-16Grizzly 700 4X488188
07-11Kodiak 350 Auto IRS 4X464670
96-98Kodiak 400 Automatic 4X437840Y
1999Kodiak 400 Automatic 4X437839
00-02Kodiak 400 Automatic 4X460013
03-04Kodiak 400 Automatic 2X464670
03-09Kodiak 400 Automatic 4X464670
03-04Kodiak 450 Automatic 4X464670
05-08Kodiak 450 Automatic 4X464670
2016Kodiak 700 4x4 (EPS) (SE)88188
95-04Wolverine 4X438526
06-09Wolverine 450 4x4 72364

AQ Compatible with 78100 and 86528 plow bases
AO Does not work with UML
AL Kit must be revision B2 for mid-05 and later
L This kit requires using a WARN ProVantage plow lift to raise plow
Y Not Compatible with Manual Plow Lift