Navistar MiLCOTS vehicles feature WARN Industrial winches
Written: March 22, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
Here's a picture of a Navistar 7000-MV. Navistar was awarded a Canadian military contract for Military Commercial off the Shelf (MilCOTS) vehicles. Guess whose winch Navistar chose to be on the front of their rigs? Yep: Warn Industries'.

The winch on the front of these vehicles is a WARN Series 20XL. This big, 20,000 lb. capacity hydraulic winch has plenty of muscle to get one of these big trucks unstuck. These vehicles are used for a variety of things including general truck transporters, international organization for standardization (ISO) container transporters, augers, and cranes.

Navistar 7000-MV with WARN winch

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