Oregon bill to limit suspension/tire alterations dies
Written: April 25, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
Maybe you remember our post from March 30 about H.B. (House Bill) 3147, which would've severely limited vehicle suspension, body lift, and wheel/tire alterations. Good news: This bill died without any committee consideration.

According to the SEMA Action Network, H.B. 3147 sought to ban vehicles whose bumpers were elevated more than 3 inches over the original manufactured bumper clearance. Among other things, the bill discriminated against hobbyists by leaving it solely to the vehicle manufacturers to choose bumper heights. The bill also would have forced owners of modified vehicles to spend large sums of money to reinstall original components and would have banned useful alterations that provide adequate clearance for on/off road capability and accommodate heavy loads, larger tires, improved suspension and water-fording capability. Finally, the measure provided for a fine of up to $360 per offense for vehicles that exceed the 3 inch clearance requirement.

A big thanks to all that helped in opposing this bill by writing letters, composing e-mails, and calling all the necessary people.

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