What else have you used the WARN Hook Strap for?
Written: June 03, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
When you're ready to pull out your winch line, you always want to grab the WARN Hook Strap instead of the hook. (And remember to wear gloves!). However, over the years, there have been some alternative uses for the venerable red-and-white strap.

For instance, an inventive Jeep owner used one for a door strap on his Wrangler, as seen above. Some WARN employees, myself included, tie one to their suitcase handle when traveling to help identify their bag at the baggage claim.

Others in the office said they've see them used as:
  • Key chains
  • A pull for a liftgate handle on an SUV (to pull it closed)
  • Dog collars (using multiple straps)
  • Christmas tree ornaments

  • What are some of the other things you've used the WARN Hook Strap used for?

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