Warn Industries at the Mahindra Great Escape
Written: July 12, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal, photos by Raghuveer Chakati
Although the Mahindra brand might not be well known for off roading in the United States (they have sold tractors here since 1963), in many parts of the world, the 65 year-old Indian manufacturer is known for making durable and capable four-wheel-drive vehicles. In fact, Mahindra holds regular off-roading events called Great Escape, and there have been 70 events over that past decade. Each of these events takes place at a destination somewhere in India. For many, these outings serve as a first motorsports/adventure/off-road experience, but also solidify Mahindra as a tough, rugged manufacturer of off-road-capable vehicles.

Our Indian representative, Raghuveer, was at the latest Great Escape, which was held July 9. This iteration started off and ended with Chikmagalur Golf Club with a trek distance of 70kms alongside jungle, hillocks, dirty roads, ditches and water pools. While on the event, Raghuveer demonstrated a number of WARN products including the WARN PullzAll and WARN winches.

Here are a number of photos from last week's Mahindra Great Escape, proving that no matter where you go in the world, there are WARN fans and off-road enthusiasts.

July 9 Mahinda Great Escape Photo Album

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