What's the best off-road vehicle in a movie?
Written: August 04, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
There have been some pretty cool off-road vehicles in movies, whether they're movie magic or truly capable vehicles. Some examples include the recognizable gray-and-red Jeep Wranglers from "Jurassic Park;" the crazy post-apocalyptic rigs from the "Mad Max" movies; you could include Daisy's Jeep from "The Dukes of Hazzard," and of course, Bigfoot in a number of films. A more obscure reference: The black Toyota Pickup from "Back to the Future" (it was the first truck I ever remember really wanting as a kid).

One of my favorite all-time off-road vehicles is the Landmaster from the 1977 movie "Damnation Alley," which was arguably not the best movie ever made (OK, there isn't much of an argument there. It was still cool, though!). The 12-wheeled Landmaster complete with "tri-star" wheel arrangement, is more well known than the title of the movie it appeared in. The Landmaster offered other post-apocalyptic-survival bits such as rockets, guns, and a huge stash of Twinkies. OK, I made that part up. But if it had been my Landmaster, I would've put a WARN winch on it and brought the Twinkie stash. Just sayin'.

You can learn more about the Landmaster on the Wikipedia page.

What do you think the best off-road movie vehicle is?

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