Using the WARN XT17 Portable to cross ... an avalanche?
Written: August 11, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
Craig Johnson of CJ Designs, Ardie (CJ Design's Australian distributor), and Matthew Fehrmann (an Ohio-based photographer), took a two-month motorcycle trip from Mukwonago, Wisconsin to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, across the Great Continental Divide, down to Mexico, then back to WI--a 17,000 mile journey. All the riders were on KTM 950 adventure bikes.

Some of the roads they intended to cross in northern Montana had been closed for the season due to avalanches that had burried the road beneath. Even in early July these snow crossings stopped many riders from taking the trail. However, the trio of riders decided to push on through, knowing they had the WARN XT17 Portable winch to pull them through. And it was a good thing they had it, because they did need to use it.

"Without the WARN XT17 on board, we would have never been able to see this section of the trail, which was one of the highlights of our 17,000 mile trip," said Matthew.

The trip has been documented over at CJ Design's blog. You can check out some great photos at Matthew Fehrmann's website, too.

In addition, the team put together a video of the XT17 in use while crossing the snow field. Check it out.

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