Choosing the right off-road lights
Written: August 25, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
Adding extra lighting to your vehicle can make a big difference in visibility when going off the pavement. Sometimes your vehicle's original-equipment lights just don't cut it and you may want additional light. There are a variety of situations out there, and because of this, Warn offers a variety of lights to help improve visibility when you venture off road. So whether you're in a truck/Jeep/SUV, or riding an ATV/Side x Side/motorcycle, Warn offers an application to suit your needs. So how do you decide which kind of light you need?

Halogen vs. H.I.D.
Halogen lights use a traditional incandescent bulb, but still offer good performance and illumination for motor vehicle applications. Although not as powerful or efficient as most HID lights, halogen lights are often less expensive than H.I.D. lights.

H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge) lights are extremely bright and offer an intensely bright white output. Although they produce an amazing amount of light, they draw less power than halogens power, making them extremely efficient and very powerful. These lights employ a xenon bulb and a ballast.

Types of Lights
Warn offers several different kinds of lights for different visibility situations. This information will help you decide which light is right for your rig.

Driving Lights
Driving lights offer an excellent combination of beam spread and beam length, and are a great all-around light for off-road use. Often best mounted higher up, such as on bumpers or light bars.
WXT400-HID (4" HID)

W700-HID (7" HID)
W400-HID (4" HID)
W650D (6.5" Halogen)
Fog/Flood Lights
Fog/Flood lights are ideal for low-visibility situations, such as rain, dust, snow, or of course, fog. These lights offer a very wide beam spread and shorter illumination distances. Usually mounted down low and at a vehicle's corners.

WXT200-F (2" halogen)

W2030F (2"x3" halogen)
W350F (3.5" halogen)
W650F (6.5" halogen)
Spot Lights
Spot lights emit a intensely focused beam of light that offers very good distance, too. These versatile lights are great on the trails or for touring motorcycles.

WXT200-HID (2" HID)
WXT200-S (2" halogen)
Dual Beam Lights
Warn also makes lights that have two beam patterns which can be changed at the push of a button. Called SDB-210 and SDB-160 (Super Dual Beam), these halogen lights offer both a driving beam and a spot beam.

SDB-210 (8.86", 200,000 candlepower, halogen)
SDB-160 (7.009", 100,000 candlepower, halogen)

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