How to rotate a WARN Winch end housing to fit an ARB Bumper
Written: September 27, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
Recently we've had several inquiries about how to successfully install a WARN winch into certain ARB bumpers. The question arises because in some ARB bumper applications, you need to mount the WARN winch feet forward as opposed to feet down. Because of this orientation, the clutch lever's location is now in a spot where it's difficult if not impossible to move. But have, no fear, there is a simple solution.

To make the clutch handle easily accessible, stand the winch up on end so the housing is straight up in the air. Next, remove the 10 screws from the end housing then you can lift the winch up about a 1/4" and rotate it every two holes to the desired position. Reinstall the screws and you are done.

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