The Ram Power Wagon's WARN winch
Written: October 05, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
We provide a number of vehicle manufacturers with OE (original equipment) product that goes on at the factory or dealership. These products are typically designed and built to customer spec. One of those customers is Chrysler, and one of those products is the WARN 12,000 lb. winch for the Ram Power Wagon. The Power Wagon is a capable wheeler from the factory thanks to its locking diffs, flex-ready suspension, and HEMI power. The WARN winch is another feature that makes this Ram ready for the trails.

Per Chrysler's specs, the Power Wagon winch features a 12,000 lb. capacity, similar to a WARN M12000. But the Power Wagon winch's drum rotates the opposite direction, and a different control box that includes a low-voltage interrupt (LVI) that'll halt the winch if the vehicle's voltage drops. In addition, this winch comes loaded with 90' of 7/16" of wire rope vs. 125' of 3/8" line on a WARN M12000.

Warn has built the Power Wagon's winch since the vehicle's introduction in 2005.

Ram Power Wagon WARN winch

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