Congratulations to the Quad75Dezert race team!
Written: December 01, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
Congratulations to the entire Quad75Dezert team for their first-place class finish, their second-place overall ATV finish, and for securing a Class 24 championship at the 44th Annual Baja 1000 last month. The team overcame a number of adversities to finish so well this year, so the victory was extra sweet.

The team's Chevrolet Silverado chase truck is equipped with four WARN W700D-HID lights and two WARN W650D Driving lights. These off-road lights came in very handy due to some dusty and foggy conditions during the race. As WARN employee, racer, and Quad75Dezert team member, Kalani Corn, said, "When you're going 100 MPH through the desert in the chase truck and there's dust, fog, other people, racers, and even cows on the road, a good set of lights can save your life."

Baja 1000 chase truck

For an account of the Quad75Dezert's Baja race, check out the team's website.

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