Experience the 2011 Rainforest Challenge in four minutes
Written: January 04, 2012
by Andy Lilienthal

The Rainforest Challenge is arguably one of the most hard-core off-road races in the world. Trudging through Malaysian jungle in oppressive heat and humidity, moving through mud as thick wet cement, and dealing with insects the size of a small dogs: It's all part of the package for some of the most extreme racers in the world. Not surprisingly, you'll also find a lot of WARN products in the event.

This four-minute film from the 2011 Rainforest Challenge is a good snapshot of the event. From the nearly impossible water crossings, to the physical exhaustion, this film shows a bit of it all. Of particular note, the vehicular decent at 3:38. Look out below!

As a side note, in 1999 WARN Art Director, Curtis Reesor, and Director of International Sales, Randy Norris, participated in the event. From time to time a photo taken at the '99 Rainforest Challenge will appear on the website or in the WARN catalog.

2011 Rainforest Challenge

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