Bruiser Conversions' Easter Jeep Safari Trail run and the WARN 'Big Red' JK
Written: April 19, 2012
by Andy Lilienthal
The guys over at Bruiser Conversions are putting Cummins 4BT diesel engines into Jeep Wrangler JKs. The end result is a Jeep with crazy amounts of torque and great mileage. It turns out they make a pretty mean trail video, too!

Not only does this video feature their Cummins 4BT-powered JK (with a WARN 9.5cti winch and that great matte finish), it also showcases the HEMI-powered WARN "Big Red" JK in action. And frankly, there was some pucker factor on a couple obstacles (check out 4:10, for example). We weren't the only two rigs on the run, either. There are a host of other Jeeps, too.

Check out their video below; you might want to open this one up in full screen, too.

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