What's your off-road 'Golden Fleece'?
Written: April 20, 2012
by Andy Lilienthal
Maybe you're familiar with the mythological Greek story about Jason and the Argonauts epic quest to find the treasured "golden fleece." To put it into super simplified terms, these guys were on a hunt to find a rare, prized item.

I think most off-road enthusiasts have a "golden fleece" too, but it often involves an engine and four wheels. It's that rig with the rare combination of equipment, options, and color you're always looking for. Maybe it's a certain year 4x4 with ultra low miles and a manual transmission. Maybe it's a rare model with more power and lockers from the factory. Maybe it's an ATV that the manufacturer only made in very limited quantities. Or, perhaps it's simply a certain year truck you had in your youth, and you've always wanted another one.

Whatever it is, you're always checking craigslist, online forum sites, and the free auto sales fliers for it, and you'd likely do whatever it took to obtain it.

So what's your motorized golden fleece?

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