Quadruple-line stump pull with Land Rover Defender and WARN M8274-50 winch
Written: May 08, 2012
by Andy Lilienthal

WARN winches are used for a lot more than just vehicle recovery. In fact, you'd be surprised at how many people we hear of that use their winches for tree and stump removal. In fact, a couple of our employees used a WARN winch and some clever rigging to remove a stubborn stump.

WARN Product/Design Engineer, Scott Schoenfelder, and his father, Steve, who is a WARN Technical Service Representative, decided to remove a stump at Scott's house. Through multiple tries, they figured out that neither single, double, nor triple line pulls would move this stump.

So, with some very inventive rigging, a few snatch blocks to change direction and increase the power, and an M8274-50 winch on Steve's Land Rover Defender 90, they were able to remove the stump from Scott's yard. Yes, that's a quadruple line pull!

Removing a stump using a WARN winch.

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