What's the worst stuck you've been (and how'd you get out)?
Written: June 22, 2012
by Andy Lilienthal

If you take your vehicle off road, you're going to get stuck at some point. Whether it's getting mired in the thick mud, getting high-centered on a rock, or simply buried in the sand, stuck happens.

There are various degrees of stuck, too. Sometimes you need just a tug to make it out of the situation. Other times, you need to use a snatch block (or two or three or four) to increase the pulling capacity of your winch to get out. If you go to the right event, you might even see bulldozers or excavators lifting rigs out of the slop.

In the video above, you'll see a very stuck vehicle. To get the pickup out, a few vehicles were linked together with tow straps. That's some serious pulling, and it still took a bit of effort.

What's the worst stuck you've been and how'd you get out?

Stuck Blazer at Mud Fest in Sweet Home, OR

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