Moving a shed with a WARN winch
Written: September 21, 2012
by Andy Lilienthal
There are a lot of people who associate winches only with vehicle recovery. However, many people also use WARN winches for utility use. Case in point, our Test/Engineering Technician, Chad Schroll. He recently had to move his shop several feet. Unfortunately, the shed was big and built on supports on the side of a hill. So how do you move a structure like this? If you work at Warn Industries, you use two WARN 9.5xp winches.

Shed about to be moved using two WARN winches
First off, Chad constructed a new wooden foundation several feet out to accommodate the shop's new location. After several weeks of construction, he was ready to actually move the shed. In preparation to do the move, he mounted two winches and strapped them down with chains for extra safey. He powered the winches using a fully charged deep-cycle battery for each winch.

Now for the rigging. He quadruple lined each of the two winches to make 100% sure there'd be plenty of pulling power. Once everything was rigged up, it was time for the move. He began the pull, making sure both winches were pulling evenly. Once underway, he said there was some chattering and creaking from the wooden structure, but the winches worked perfectly and the structure got moved successfully. After the shed was in place he checked all the doors and windows to make sure they shut as they should--and they did. The move was a success!

Have you moved objects other than vehicles with your WARN winch? Post up your story in the comments section.

Shed moved using two WARN winches
Here's the moved shed. It was slid several feet to the left using the two WARN 9.5xp winches.

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