Another random WARN winch recovery: Pulling a stuck Ford and fifth wheel
Written: November 16, 2012
by Andy Lilienthal, pictures by Pat Meiwes
We hear stories of WARN winch owners helping out others all the time. Whether it's pulling someone out of a snow bank, helping a fellow enthusiast over an obstacle on the trail, moving a downed tree after a storm, or in this case, pulling a stuck truck and trailer out of a mud hole. With a WARN winch, you're able to help out when the time arises.
For example, our Regional Sales Manager, Pat Meiwes, was on vacation in the central Oregon wilderness with his family when his brother came across a Ford Super Duty with a fifth wheel completely stuck in the mud.

"My brother, Jason, was out riding the ATV exploring and came across this couple stuck in the mud," says Pat. "They had been looking for a place to camp and went out into what looked like a dry mud flat to get around some trees. But this is where they stayed all night and most of the morning buried in the mud trying to get unstuck. [Jason] raced back to camp to get me and to see if we could help."

Pulling a stuck truck and trailer with a winch
Pat says when he and his brother pulled up in their WARN winch-equipped Jeeps to try and recover the stuck truck and camper, the couple was very happy to see them. They looked for the best angle to recover the stuck Ford Super Duty and 24' long fifth wheel, and decided to use both of their winches: a 9.5cti-s and a VR10000, to pull the vehicle out. They had to back out about 80 feet to solid ground before they could attempt the recovery. They hooked each winch to one of the tow hooks on the stuck Ford, put dampers on the winch lines, and started the pull. The winches pulled the truck and trailer out of the mud leaving a big-old hole. After the recovery, they came to find out it was the woman's birthday. It's likely she enjoyed the weekend a lot more now that their truck and trailer weren't stuck in the mud.

Jeeps winching

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