Irish Murph: Traveling the world on three wheels
Written: December 07, 2012
by Andy Lilienthal
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There are many ways to see the world. Irish Murph sees it by motorcycle and sidecar. A native of, you guessed it, Ireland, Murph, a photo journalist and world traveler, is constantly on the move. His vehicle of choice is a 2004 BMW 1150 GS and a Stern Rox sidecar with Mobec Duo-Drive 2WD. This isn't your average adventure touring ride, as evidenced by the big studded tires.

His unique bike features equally unique equipment. In addition to the aforementioned tires, the bike has a number of WARN lights including some WXT-200-S spot beams and SDB-160 dual-beam lights. It also has hard-sided storage boxes on the sides. It's a neat ride and quite the road warrior (as is Murph). In fact, both he and the BMW have been on the road constantly since 2010, and he's got no plans to slow down. He's currently in Scandinavia on his way to Russia for Christmas. It's all part of his 3 Wheels, 7 continents, 7 years expedition. Pretty amazing stuff.

In addition to his blog site,, he also is a partner in Ride Away Cancer, which gives children a chance to forget about cancer by riding in a classic motorcycle sidecar and seeing the open road.

Murph tells some amazing stories of travel and life on the road through his outstanding photojournalism. It's compelling and aspirational. Be sure to check out his website and find out exactly--where the hell is Murph.

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