Offroad Nation: Wheeling on your smartphone
Written: November 28, 2012
by Andy Lilienthal
Are you into off roading? (No, this isn't a trick question.) Do you have a smartphone? Then you should check out the latest off-road smartphone app, Offroad Nation.

Available for Android and iPhone, Offroad Nation allows you to drive customized rigs, including the WARN "Big Red" Jeep, and buy all kinds of off-road gear to customize the vehicle, improve its performance, and up its durability. And yes, that includes one of three WARN winches along with product from other leading manufacturers in the off-road industry.

Gameplay is easy, too. Simply touch the gas pedal in the lower right corner to accelerate. There's a gearbox on the left. Once you buy your WARN winch for your vehicle, you can select the anchor point by using the red W in the upper right corner, then use the winch controls to power in or power out. There are multiple levels, multiple difficulties, daytime and nighttime runs, and baja and rock crawling levels.

You'll earn money for each level completed based on your performance. The more money you earn, the more parts and vehicles you can buy. A slick feature is the ablity to "like" a company's Facebook page from within the game. Once you "like" the brand, you'll get a discount on the item in the game.

Offroad Nation is available through either Google Play Store or iTunes.

While you're at it, check out the Offroad Nation Facebook page.

WARN Winches in Offroad Nation

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