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Do you have a history of WARN winches?

Warn Industries - Do you have a history of WARN winches?

Do you have a history of WARN winches?
Written: January 09, 2013
by Andy Lilienthal
WARN Winches have become known for their longevity. People's parents and grandparents had WARN winches. Sometimes they even get passed down to the next generation. I was surprised to learn that even I had some WARN winch history in my family.

I had just gotten the job at Warn in 2006, and was telling my family about it. However, I was truly surprised by my mother-in-law's reaction. She and her husband emigrated from Germany in the late 1960s, and eventually they had a welding/fabricating shop in central Wisconsin. They built and fabricated all sorts of machines, tools, and even sculptures that still adorn parts of Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

I explained to her that I had gotten a job at a company called Warn Industries that made off-road products, and are best known for building winches. I began to explain that a which is an electric spool with cable on it that gets attached to a truck and other vehicles.

To my surprise she said, in her German accent, "We had a WARN winch on the front of the GMC. We did everything with that winch. We couldn't have built the house without it."

Wait a minute. My 70-something year old German immigrant mother-in-law living in rural Wisconsin not only knows what a winch is, but she knows what a WARN truck winch is and owned one? I was stunned and totally impressed.

Over the years, that winch has become a topic of conversation. She showed me pictures of her and her husband using the old WARN Belleview winch on the red GMC for moving building supplies, moving equipment, and so on. She started telling me stories of a trip to Moab and how she lost her wedding ring while trying to get the GMC unstuck from the sand. Now, every time I head to Moab for the Easter Jeep Safari, I tell her I'll keep an eye out for her wedding ring.

Unfortunately, she no longer has the GMC or the winch, and the photo above shows a well-used truck and winch, probably not too long before it was put out to pasture. But I still love hearing the stories of how much she and her husband did with that old WARN Belleview.

Do you have a WARN product in your family history? Share it in the comments section.

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