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Filters and trail ratings

Warn Industries - Filters and trail ratings

Filters and trail ratings
Written: December 06, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
Our Art Director showed me this photo, and I thought it was a pretty cool shot. We got talking a bit about it, and thought it might make for an interesting post about filters and trail ratings, especially in our local Tillamook State Forest OHV areas.

This photo was taken at the base of the Can Opener trail. This trail is rated as "extreme," and includes what they call a "filter" at the beginning. This filter--a rocky first obstacle--is designed to filter out the vehicles that can make it on the rest of the trail from those that can't. Can't get past the filter? Then this trail isn't for you.

OHV Trail Ratings The OHV trails in Tillamook State Forest are rated the same way ski areas rate their hills. Green circle means easy, blue square means moderate, black diamond means difficult. And the more black diamonds, the more difficult! In the case of Can Opener, it's rated as a double black diamond. These signs are posted at the beginning of each trail, and let users know what they're in for if they attempt to run the trail. Some signs even go as far as to say winches and lockers are required.

Some trails use filters to restrict a vehicle's size, too. Often times motorcycle trails will have very narrow openings to filter out 4x4s from traveling those trails, since they are usually much narrower than a 4x4 trail.

You should always take note of a trail's rating. After all, you don't want to end up breaking your rig, or stuck on something it simply can't traverse. Also, never attempt to bypass filters; they're there for a reason.

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