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Irish Murph: Arctic Adventure on Three Wheels

Warn Industries - Irish Murph: Arctic Adventure on Three Wheels

Irish Murph: Arctic Adventure on Three Wheels
Written: May 02, 2013
by Andy Lilienthal
We introduced you to motorcycle overlander, Irish Murph, back in December of last year. He's been on the road on his three-wheeled BMW 1150 GS with Stern Rox sidecar for the last few years, and his adventures are continuing. He's currently in Finland near the Arctic Circle, as evidenced by this video. He's planning on visiting seven continents in seven years.

Speaking of, this video done by Motor Trend is extremely well done and shows off Murph's bike, which is equipped with a WARN XT17 Portable Winch as well as WARN SDB-160 dual-beam lights. But it also shows off Murph's overland lifestyle as well as some great cinematography.

We wish Murph continued safe travels, and look forward to where he'll be next. You can follow his adventures on his website,

Irish Murph in Finland

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