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Jeep CJ-5 with backhoe, plow spotted

Warn Industries - Jeep CJ-5 with backhoe, plow spotted

Jeep CJ-5 with backhoe, plow spotted
Written: July 20, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal, photos by Corby Phillips
Here's something you don't see every day: A CJ-5 with a bunch of implements on it. More interesting is the fact that these were offered directly from Jeep.

Called the "Go-For-Digger," this vehicle had a hydraulic backhoe, quick-change plow, dually rear wheels with full-float rear axle, and unique cab. They came equipped with an F4-134 Hurricane engine and three-speed transmission. I found an original spec sheet at the Heritage Region Jeep Alliance (HRJA) site.

This particular unit was spotted by one of our Sales Manager, Corby Phillips, at National 4 Wheel Drive Center in York, PA. Cool find of a unique piece of Jeep history.

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