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King of The Hammers creates new race for stock vehicles

Warn Industries - King of The Hammers creates new race for stock vehicles

King of The Hammers creates new race for stock vehicles
Written: June 21, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
You probably know about the King of the Hammers race (you can check our our Facebook page for a bunch of photos). It's that epic rock crawling/rock racing competition in Johnson Valley, CA where the best drivers compete in one of the most grueling races on Earth. Many of the rigs that compete there are high-dollar, custom-fabbed machines. Well, the organizers of the KOTH are adding a new class for the 2012 race that'll let "the every man" compete.

Dubbed "The Every Man Challenge," this class will allow off-road enthusiasts a chance to race their stock and modified stock vehicles in this amazing race. The organizers say it's a great avenue for those who've always wondered how their off-road vehicle would compare to the Ultra4 cars that compete.

The Every Man Challenge won't be the full King of the Hammers course, but Ultra4 says it will contain all of the same elements. The winners of both the stock and modified stock classes will also win a chance to compete in the main event on Friday and race their vehicles alongside the professional unlimited 4-Wheel drive class known as Ultra4.

According to Utral4 Racing's press release, the stock class is meant to be a proving ground for the OEM and aftermarket suppliers to show off the best 4WD vehicles and accessories. The modified class will be limited to 35" DOT tires, the shocks cannot be bypasses, and the cars will be full body and frame. Modified stock (stock-mod) will be for those that want to go faster, but who don't have a full-blown Ultra4 rig. Stock-mod is limited to 37" DOT tires, but these cars will be able to run shock bypasses, and have partial frames.

The race will be limited to 100 vehicles, and pre-registration has already started. There is a $200 fee to reserve a sport. The pre-registration was first offered to Pirate 4x4 fans.

For more information, check out Ultra4's website, and their Facebook page at

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