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More Breslau Rallye Coverage

More Breslau Rallye Coverage

Warn Industries - More Breslau Rallye Coverage

More Breslau Rallye Coverage
Written: July 09, 2013
by Andy Lilienthal
The 2013 Breslau Rally continued last week, and here is a recap of last week's action.

The early sun warms the first bikes for the start of the 6th day of this years Rallye Breslau. Determination is needed to stay in the race at this day and we see more and more competitors battling to reach the finish in Zagan on Saturday, July 6. Alex Kovatchev had a tough decision to make today: to keep up the pace of the Rallye Breslau, or to give the teams some room to prepare for the marathon stage tomorrow. After watching the cars and trucks go through the toughest part of the stage it was clear: at kilometer 150 the teams were allowed to leave the track. The fastest teams make todays stage look easy finishing in less than four hours, but most competitors need a bit more.

stuck vehicles at the Breslau Rally

Crossing over the hill into a lovely valley the first teams did not expect this to be the toughest part of the stage. The first motorbikes managed to get through be walking next to their bikes, after them the quads and SSVs arrived, winch cables were pulled and many, many teams tried to speed through the section only to find themselves well planted in the swamps.

Rico van der Sanden was the hero of the motorbikes this morning when he scouted the valley to find a good line through the swamps. Together with Herwin de Roo, Henk Knuiman, David van Wijnhoven and Beat Juen he brought the bikes to the other side, continuing their race at high speed. For Beat Juen a few kilometers later the show was over. "I have broken my thumb so my project to win the Breslau is over for this year" he said with a sad smile.

A special team on todays stage is the Gigglepin4x4 team, leading the stage with more than 60 minutes on the second car in the car category. "Today we've had moments we will not forget," says Jim Marsden, "We drove into the valley and already the swamp was filled with cars. I chose a line and floored it, but it did not work quite as planned as I almost rolled the car when I landed in the swamp. Luckily Chris Abel had the winch cable out in seconds, attached it to one of the huge recovery trucks and we winched through this section. We lost almost no time, but it was a close call!"

Suzuki Jimny at the Breslau Rally

With one of the smallest cars the Bertelsen team might be one of the smartest, racing their little Suzuki Jimny through the woods of Drawsko. They managed to cross the valley in minutes, picking a line to the far right of the swamp and winching through with their winch anchor, independent of the recovery trucks.

Gilles Girousse, the famous French Breslau driver managed to cross the most difficult section and is then left with a broken alternator. "It is number four this week, I simply run out of parts going on like this! Even though my car broke down I am happy to race here with my friends, the Breslau is always tough and a good challenge for us."

With the final stages of the Rallye Breslau coming closer the tension in the truck ranking is rising. Svododa arrived well prepared with their new truck, proving to be fast on the long stages. In the beginning they had to learn how to cross the swamps but now they have found their pace. Today they finished the stage in 4 hours and 49 minutes, 7 minutes behind Harald Chemnitz with his well built IFA racetruck.

Unimog and other vehicles in the swamps at the Breslau Rally

Wineboud de Lille is still leading the Unimog category but they lost a lot of time on Udo Heidenreich today. "We were not doing too well today," Wineboud said afterwards, "driving alone with no tracks in front of us, but still seeing the other teams at the finish line!"

With competitors pouring into the camp early we expect the serviceteams to have enough time to do their hard work on all the vehicles. Tomorrow is the Hannibal stage, the classic marathon spanning over hundreds of kilometers. With the camp moving from Drawsko Pomorski to Zagan for the final days we say goodbye to the hospitality and the beautifull tracks of the Polygon and look forward to Zagan, the offroad capital of Europe!

Breslau Rally Unimog

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