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Mud Fest Animated Gifs

Warn Industries - Mud Fest Animated Gifs

Mud Fest Animated Gifs
Written: March 12, 2013
by Andy Lilienthal
Mud Fest is always a muddy good time, and 2013 was no different, as you can see by our Mud Fest Mega Gallery. While scrolling through some of my images, I found that in sequence, they might make for a cool animated .gif. So here are a few of them showing some mud slinging, Oregon style. I realize all these might make your head spin a bit, but Mud Fest will do that to you!

Animated gif of a Ford truck driving through the mud
Old Ford truck
Animated gif of a Toyota truck going through the mud
A Toyota gettin' it done.
Animated gif of a Chevy Truck going through the mud
High horsepower Chevy, complete with a WARN 9.5xp winch.

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