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New Navistar Terrastar features WARN hubs

Warn Industries - New Navistar Terrastar features WARN hubs

New Navistar Terrastar features WARN hubs
Written: March 15, 2013
by Andy Lilienthal
The TerraStar 4x4 is Navistar's newest rig, which debuted at the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) show earlier this month. And guess what? Buyers can get special WARN hubs on it from the factory. I know what you're thinking: WARN hubs on a vehicle like this? Yes, indeed. The TerraStar is available with four-wheel drive, and it's designed to be used by power companies, construction companies, and other businesses that need to go off the pavement to get the job done. Because our hubs allow the wheels to be disconnected from the vehicle's drivetrain (in other words, you're not turning all of the components inside the front driveline when the hubs are disengaged), it helps increase fuel economy due to a reduction in driveline loss. And who doesn't want a few more MPGs these days?

Warn offers a host of aftermarket hub applications for a variety of 4WD vehicles, so you don't have to have buy a TerraStar to benefit from WARN hubs, although it is one sweet ride.

WARN hubs on Navistar TerraStar

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