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Proof that winches aren't just for vehicle recovery

Warn Industries - Proof that winches aren't just for vehicle recovery

Proof that winches aren't just for vehicle recovery
Written: October 24, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
Many immediately think: winch = vehicle recovery. And although WARN winches are great at pulling a stuck vehicle, they are often used to pull other things ... such as trail hazards.

Case in point, Russell Smith--one of our Customer Service Specialists, photography enthusiast, and off-roader--was headed up a narrow trail on the way to photograph a remote waterfall outside of Cascade Locks, Oregon. While on the trail, he encountered a narrow section with a large rock jutting out onto the trail. Fortunately, he was able to squeeze past it. However, the way back, the rock, which he described as being "the size of a wood stove," had become dislodged and rolled down the trail, landing smack-dab in the middle of it.

This big-'ol rock needed to get moved so he could get his pickup past it. To make matters worse, there was a 10 ft. drop off on the other side of the rock. This wasn't going to be easy. Lucky for him, he had his WARN VR12000 winch, straps, and shackles. After nearly an hour of rigging, winching, repositioning, and finally getting the bolder off to the side, he was able to pass.

This, however, illustrates the importance of going prepared for whatever the trail might have in store. After all, you never know what kind of obstacle you'll encounter when you venture down the trail.

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