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Recap: 2011 Overland Expo

Warn Industries - Recap: 2011 Overland Expo

Recap: 2011 Overland Expo
Written: April 04, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
The 2011 Overland Expo was April 1-3 in Amado, Arizona. It featured a host of vendors, classes, and travelers from around the world, all interested in overlanding. Not familiar with "overlanding"? It's basically self-reliant travel. You're bringing everything you need to go from point A to point B, usually over a good distance. This includes your vehicle, sleeping arrangements, food, water, etc. Of course, you want to "go prepared" with everything you'll need to recover a vehicle, too.

The Overland Expo showcased a variety of vehicles including pickup trucks and SUVs; adventure-touring motorcycles; and large, commercial-style vehicles, such as Unimogs, Internationals, Mitsubishis, and GMCs.

WARN was there showcasing a number of products, including the upcoming XT17 Portable winch (as seen on our BMW F 800 GS and Husqvarna motorcycles) and a host of powersports and truck products. We also held a seminar on winching. There was no shortage of WARN products on people's vehicles at the Expo. From a WARN M8274-50 on a Land Rover to WARN WXT 200-HID lights on a BMW motorcycle; there was plenty of WARN love at the event. Some of the other names at the event included Rawhyde Adventures, Jeep, Land Rover, and ARB, among others.

Whether you were looking for a new WARN winch, portable solar panels, a custom off-road camping trailer, the latest motorcycle riding gear, or to learn the latest overlanding techniques, there was something for everyone at the 2011 Overland Expo.

Be sure to check out all three galleries of pictures on our Facebook page.

2011 Overland Expo Picture Galleries:

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2011 Overland Expo: Day 2
2011 Overland Expo: Day 3

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