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Samurais in the Mud

Warn Industries - Samurais in the Mud

Samurais in the Mud
Written: March 23, 2012
by Andy Lilienthal, photos by Curtis Reesor
Our Art Director, Curtis, and I were at the Santiam Four Wheel Drive Association's annual Mud Fest in Sweet Home, Oregon a couple weeks ago. As usual, it was a muddy good time. Between Curtis and me, we took hundreds of pics. You can see some of them on our Facebook page. I have a soft spot for Suzukis (as I own two), and thought I'd share some of Curtis's outstanding Samurai photos.

These days, with gas prices going up so high, I have a feeling that wheelers looking to save a few bucks in gas might end up buying more fuel-efficient four-cylinder 4x4s, such as the Samurai. So in honor of one of my favorite small off-road vehicles, I present to you some of the Suzuki Samurais at Mud Fest.

Suzuki Samurai in the mud

Green Suzuki Samurai with winch

Suzuki Samurai behind the deuce and a half

Suzuki Samurai in the mud

alt="muddy Suzuki Samurai"/>

Yellow Suzuki Samurai

Muddy Suzuki Samurai

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