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Show and Go

Warn Industries - Show and Go

Show and Go
Written: October 28, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
You may have read some of the previous posts about our 2011 Ford F-350 Super Duty SEMA project vehicle. What you may not know is not only is it going in our booth at the SEMA Show (booth #34015), but it's being driven to Las Vegas (from Oregon) while towing our three-axle trailer. What's in the trailer? Our Can-Am Commander and a host of show supplies. How's that for "show and go"?

In fact, all the vehicles in the WARN fleet get used off road and, when applicable, for towing. Some vehicles, like our Big Red project JK and our TJ Unlimited, will be trailered due to the fact they're on big off-road tires and simply aren't suited to long-distance highway travel. However, many are driven to events around the Pacific Northwest.

Speaking of "Show," be sure to check the WARN Fans Facebook page for tons of photos from the 2011 SEMA Show. It's primed to be a great one!

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