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Tech Tip Tuesday: The WARN Hook Strap

To some this might be obvious. But you’d be surprised at how many people don’t know what the red strap on their WARN winch is actually for.


The WARN hook strap (WARN part number 69645) isn’t meant for decoration on your winch’s hook. It is an essential item for proper handling of the rope’s hook. It’s made to keep your hands and fingers far away from the winch and fairlead when spooling line in. So, when you’re done with your pulling task and need to re-spool your line onto the drum, hold onto that hook strap as the hook comes back toward the fairlead. It’s a simple, effective precaution.

Other Uses 

Over the years, we’ve seen some other rather creative uses for our hook straps. This includes luggage tags, dog collars (using multiple straps), and even door straps on Jeep Wranglers.

But the hook strap’s original intention was to keep hands and fingers at a safe distance when putting line back onto a winch. All of our pulling products include the strap, whether it’s a truck, powersports, utility, or industrial winch. We highly suggest you use it, and replace yours if it has fallen off or become damaged.


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