Even the pros are #WarnEquipped

When you are stuck in an extreme situation, reach for the best, a Warn Industries winch. We’re here for you when you get stuck and need help getting back on the trail. Warn can offer aid regardless where you’re stuck, from mud to the rocks, our gear holds its own.

Even the pros are #WarnEquipped and rely on us when they are not only against the elements but the clock as well.

Did you know nine out of the top 10 finishers in King of the Hammers had a Warn winch?

In 2017 Jessi Combs won the Everyman’s CHALLENGE Race at King of the hammers and said, “King of the Hammers is the only race that you truly must rely on your equipment, and more specifically your winch. You can get into gnarly situations quickly, get stuck in huge holes or in a weird situation and literally it is only the WARN winch that can get you out of that situation. I know that if I do get stuck, I’m going to be able to winch myself out. I wouldn’t use anything other than a WARN.”

That same year Shannon Campbell said that a challenge to driving a single seat car is being by himself. But with the Warn 8274 Custom winch, it allowed him to pull faster and make up some of the time and finish the race.

Regardless if you are in a competition or just off-roading for the fun of it, time really matters. This is Warn offers winches that pull more weight, pull faster and have a plethora of accessories to help in any situation such as a remote to command your winch.

We would like to say how honored we are that so many people choose Warn every year, from the pros to the hobbyist. Thank you for letting us help you in your off-road adventures and we aim to never let you down and keep you going on all your adventures.