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The 20th Edition of the Rallye Breslau

Warn Industries - The 20th Edition of the Rallye Breslau

The 20th Edition of the Rallye Breslau
Written: July 02, 2013
by Andy Lilienthal
The Rallye Breslau is one of those events that is truly epic. Think along the lines of the Baja 1000 or the King of the Hammers. It's a hardcore off-road race through Germany/Poland starting at the Lausitzring in Germany. There are all sorts of vehicles from Jeeps and motorcycles, to giant Unimogs and enormous 6x6 ex-military-style vehicles. Warn is a Sponsor this year, and we've got some cool pics and people on the ground covering the event.

This report came from the Breslau team.

June 29
The prologue started with a fast section, turning left through the camp and around the main tent onto the famous Lausitz motocross track. Having the cars and trucks on a track like this was challenging but even more interesting were the two hillclimbs into the forest. The motobike pilots managed these hillclimbs without much ado, for a lot of cars and trucks it proved to be too much.

In the forests around the Lausitzring the teams battled like a young pack of dogs, allowed out after a long time. Jumping, drifting over the track, chasing each other with a lot of close racing and spectacular moments. "Our Unimog flew over the stage" says a beaming Wineboud de Lille, who has done serious work to his vehicle, "and with almost 20 Unimogs we have a lot of competition this year!"

"Even though it was a tight stage we didn't have much difficulty in the forest" says Robert Striebe who races his famous black MAN KAT, "It was a nice stage but we have some work to do. We want to stay ahead of Harald Chemnitz, but he won't give us any presents." Two new trucks arrived at the Breslau, already battling on the speedy sections: "We were next to Svoboda's new Tatra" says Henri Verhoeven, "Our GINAF 6x6 is not as fast as they are but he had to do some work before he could overtake us!"

"The prologue is a good moment to be overenthusiastic" says motorbike pilot Beat Juen, whose good friend Oliver Post managed to crash in a tight section in the woods, "I really look forward to the night stage tomorrow. Alex Kovatchev said there will be a capcourse of over 8 kilometers -- in the night! This is one of the true challenges of the Breslau and a reason to be here."

Alex Kovatchev has a relaxed evening after a long day of work as the new race director of the Rallye Breslau. "We are proud to organize the 20th anniversary of the Rallye Breslau" Alex said, "The Breslau has a good crew and we will make sure the competitors have a good race!"

The 1st stage on Sunday starts at the Lausitzring, crossing the asphalt of the circuit, leading the competitors into the forests and afterwards to Poland, to the Polygon near Drawsko Pomorski for the night stage. Roughly 70 kilometers, several water crossings and 8 kilometers of capcourse are the first big challenge for the teams!

June 30
The night stage is ready to start!

Halfway through the first stage the Rallye Breslau moves from Germany to Poland. Early this morning after a drive across the circuit the bikes opened the stage near the Lausitzring, an impressive motor sports area. With many teams still on the road to the camp near Drawsko Pomorski the results will be available after the night stage, which starts for the bikes at 10:00pm.

"It was a tight special this morning," said Robert Striebe, who raced his 4x4 MAN trucks through the woods. The larger trucks had to put in serious effort to master the challenges they faced, through the hills and forests around the Lausitzring. For the cars it was easier, flying over the whoops on the fast sections, braking for corners and accelerating to stay ahead of the competition.

After last week's rain, a moist forest awaits the competitors. This night the woods will be filling with roaring engines, the squeal of the winches and the shouting of teams mastering the swamps and water crossings in the +/-70 km stage the organization has prepared for them.

The highlight of tonight's stage is an 8 km long cap course. The competitors have to search and find their way across the fields and through the woods near Drawsko Pomorski and find the point over a distance of 8 kilometers.

Tomorrow we will see who has finished and who needs to be recovered from the forest: the Rallye Breslau has arrived in Poland!

July 1
"The three most important things in the Breslau: navigation, navigation and navigation"

Early today the first long stage of the Rallye Breslau started and at 6:00pm there are still a lot of teams on the tracks, searching for the route in the roadbook and the checkpoints. On the vast open areas near Drawsko we saw competitors coming from and going in all directions.

Today's stage was long with a lot of technical sections, hill climbs and some water crossings. In the dusty sand of Drawsko the small rivers provided a nice place for the competitors to cool down. Several teams struggled to get through the water, only to find themselves at the bottom of a hill made out of loose sand -- with a checkpoint on top.

As the first results come in we can see that today the ranking has been reshuffled, with many fast teams missing out on navigational precision and a few experienced but slower racers surfacing in the upper part of the provisional ranking. In the Rallye Breslau today only three things count: navigation, navigation and navigation.

We'll have more reports as they come in. Stay tuned.

Breslau Rallye Flags

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