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The New Ram Power Wagon Gets a New WARN Winch

Since the launch of the modern Ram Power Wagon in 2005, it has included a WARN winch as standard equipment. And with the launch of the next-generation 2019 Power Wagon comes a next-generation WARN winch, too.

Photo by John Vincent

The Power Wagon’s WARN winch has been built to FCA’s (Fiat Chrysler Automobile) specs since the get go. The winch on the 2005–2018 versions are most similar to a WARN M12 winch, but is not simply an off-the-shelf M12. It’s mounted differently, has a unique fairlead, and has other bits that differentiate it from our standard 12,000 lb. M-series.

Photo by John Vincent

With the 2019 Ram Power Wagon’s debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, 2019, the public learned that among a number of other new features, the new Power Wagon would get a new WARN winch. The winch is now based on the ZEON architecture vs. the M12. The ZEON is more modern with newer technology. The new Power Wagon will also lose the wire rope in favor of lighter-weight synthetic rope and a special hawse fairlead. The winch will still have a 12,000 lb. capacity, however.

As with all Power Wagons, the winches are actually Ram part numbers, and the winches are supported through Ram dealerships.

We’re looking forward to seeing the new Power Wagons on the trails and on the streets, and welcoming a host of new Ram owners to the Warn family.



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