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Using the WARN PullzAll in an emergency lift demonstration

Warn Industries - Using the WARN PullzAll in an emergency lift demonstration

Using the WARN PullzAll in an emergency lift demonstration
Written: May 16, 2012
by Andy Lilienthal, photos by David Scuito
We're often talking about the versatility of the WARN PullzAll and the fact that we keep finding new uses for it. Well, here's another one.

One of our Product/Market Managers, David Scuito, is also a volunteer firefighter and EMT, and he recently showed me this photo of the WARN PullzAll being used in conjunction with Junkyard Dog Industries' struts. These struts are designed to stabilize or lift a vehicle off of an object. At the base of the struts is a clevis or D-ring. A ratchet strap is usually attached to these points, and as the strap is ratcheted together, the struts raise the vehicle up. Unfortunately, ratchet straps are slow, cumbersome, and can't be adjusted very easily or precisely. These are areas where the PullzAll shines. In an emergency situation, seconds can mean the difference between very different outcomes. FYI, these pictures are simply a demonstration of the product during a training exercise.

Additionally, the PullzAll can also slowly lower the vehicle instead of just having the strap let loose.

The PullzAll is being used by emergency and rescue personnel around the globe, and it's neat to see the product being put to use in yet another interesting, practical application.

WARN PullzAll lifting a car using Junkyard Dog Industries' struts

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