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Using two winches to recover a stuck truck

Warn Industries - Using two winches to recover a stuck truck

Using two winches to recover a stuck truck
Written: March 15, 2011
by Steve Schoenfelder
Jake Munoz, who was a participant on the 2007 Peterson's 4Wheel & Off Road Ultimate Adventure, was in Nevada exploring with some buddies in his Ford Super Duty, when the vehicle slid off the road in snowy conditions. Unfortunately, there weren't many trees to anchor to. Doing what they had to do, the group wrapped a tow strap around the truck's cabs, with the windows downs, and used a winch to stabilize the truck and keep it from rolling. They slid the truck down the hill sideways by going back and forth a couple feet at a time until his truck reached the bottom of the hill.

This is a great use of two winches, one to stabilize the truck from rolling, the other to stabilize the back of the truck and help move it backwards when needed. Click here for a larger image.

Steve Schoenfelder is a WARN Technical Customer Service Representative.

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