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Vehicle recovery of a different sort

Warn Industries - Vehicle recovery of a different sort

Vehicle recovery of a different sort
Written: July 28, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal, photos by Pat Meiwes
Our winches are usually associated with vehicle recovery, and that usually means a truck, SUV, ATV, or Side x Side. However, last weekend our Senior Regional Sales Manager, Pat Meiwes, and Director of Facilities, Kirk Hanson, recovered a vehicle of a different sort.

winching a boat off the bank
Pat and Kirk had finished with the Divide Ride in Montana, and decided to rent a boat for some R&R after the event, so they stopped by a local marina. When they got there, they saw a boat on the marina's bank. Apparently the boat had been involved in an accident where it got out of control, hit another boat, and was launched onto the bank. Pat and Kirk got talking to the workers at the marina, and they said it was going to cost a hefty sum of money to get someone out to recover the boat. Pat and Kirk thought it sounded like a good opportunity to use the WARN 9.5xp on Pat's Jeep JK.

winching a boat back into the water
This was a right place, right time situation. By Pat and Kirk winching the boat back into the water, it saved the marina a big chunk of change. This just goes to show that a winch can be a useful tool in a variety of unexpected vehicle recovery situations--even if that vehicle is a boat!

Winching a boat back into the marina

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