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Vintage Product: WARN 800G Gasoline Winch

Warn Industries - Vintage Product: WARN 800G Gasoline Winch

Vintage Product: WARN 800G Gasoline Winch
Written: April 24, 2012
by Andy Lilienthal
We've had a lot of pulling and lifting products since we started making winches in the 1950s. We've also had some pretty unique products that aren't available any longer. One such product is the WARN Gasoline Winch, in this case, the Model 800G.

Back in the 1960s, we billed the 800G as the "handiest winch in the world," and said it was great for commercial, recreational, and industrial uses.

The Model 800G could lift or pull (actually making it a hoist and a winch, much like our electric PullzAll), and had a capacity of 800 lbs. It was powered by a one horsepower two-stroke engine and weighed a scant 19 lbs. making it portable. It included 36" inces of galvanized chain and a quick-release hook. The price listed for $145.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any photos of the actual winch, just a copy of the literature that came with the product. However, you can click to see an enlarged version of the Model 800GW above, and you can click the image below to make it larger, too.

WARN Model 800G Gasoline winch

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29/09/2018 11:10
I have a Warn 800g winch it is in excellent condition just wondering what the price would be on it today