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WARN Employee Profile: Ian Wendler

Warn Industries - WARN Employee Profile: Ian Wendler

WARN Employee Profile: Ian Wendler
Written: July 24, 2012
by Andy Lilienthal
Over the eight years that Ian Wendler has worked for Warn Industries, he's worn a lot of hats: engineering, operations, product management, business development, and now product development. The only thing more diverse than his work at Warn may be the variety of off-road vehicles he owns. From a Cummins-powered Ram to a Husqvarna motorcycle, like so many others at Warn, Ian not only helps make the products at Warn, he uses them. In addition, he enjoys interacting with the consumers who own WARN products.

"Working with our customers to provide new, exciting products that truly help them is what drives me," said Ian.

As the Director of New Product Development and Sourcing, he and his group have the responsibility of working directly with WARN customers, developing the latest technology, prototypes, concepts, and industrial design for the next generation of WARN products.

"We have great products and, as an enthusiast, I really enjoy bringing them to life" said Ian. "Most importantly, I love seeing the customers put them to good use."

Ian also manages the company's Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program, aka, "MECOP." This program brings in university students for six-month internships and immerses them in Warn Industries engineering activities. It's an exciting chance for talented young people to get some real world experience.

Ian's been a powersports enthusiast for years and has ridden everything from Harley Davidsons to scooters. Nowadays you can find him on his Husqvarna 610TE, and he loves the trails around Leavenworth, Washington. When he's not at work or on his bike/in his truck, he enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with his family.

Name: Ian Wendler
Position: Director of New Product Development and Sourcing
Hobbies: Travel, backpacking, motorcycles, skiing, photography, spending time with his kids
Off-road Vehicles: '04 Dodge Ram (Cummins), '08 Land Rover LR4, '99 Toyota 4Runner, '09 Husqvarna 610TE
Years at WARN: 8
Favorite Off Road Destination: Leavenworth, WA

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