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WARN portable winches let you "Go Prepared" on the go

Warn Industries - WARN portable winches let you "Go Prepared" on the go

WARN portable winches let you "Go Prepared" on the go
Written: June 23, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
Sometimes it can be extremely handy to have a winch that you can take along with you that isn't fixed in place. Whether it's loading a trailer, pulling a load on the jobsite or recovering a stuck vehicle, a portable winch can be a great way to "go prepared" when you're looking to save space, or if you simply don't want something hard-mounted on your rig.

Warn makes a number of portable winch options for truck/SUV, powersports, and utility uses.

XT17 and RT15 Portable Winches The WARN XT17 Portable Winch weighs as little as 8.5 lbs., pulls up to 1,700 lbs, and comes with 40 ft. of lightweight synthetic rope. This makes it ideal for adventure touring motorcycles, quads, or other items that need to be moved. The WARN RT15 Portable Winch (coming very soon) has 25 ft. of durable steel cable, a stout 1,500 lb. pulling capacity, and is great for hauling a heavy load on the jobsite, loading a trailer, or for powersports vehicle recovery. Both models include rigging straps and controls (either on the winch or on the vehicle). In addition, a host of accessories, including carrying plates, will be available soon.

The WARN PullzAll is a handheld electric pulling and lifting tool that can not only pull 1,000 lbs., but can also lift 1,000 lbs. (It's a winch and a hoist, and it's the only WARN product approved to do both. Here's why.). Both are perfect for the jobsite, the garage, farm, or anywhere else you'll need to move a 1,000 lb. load. Once you've used it, you'll wonder how you ever worked without it. It's trigger-operated and has variable speed control, has 15 ft. of wire rope, a load-holding brake, and allows you to easily change direction while pulling/lifting. The WARN Corded PullzAll is perfect for where AC power is readily available. The WARN Cordless PullzAll is great for use in the field, when plug-in power isn't available. The cordless version includes a 24 volt NiMH (nickel metal hydride) battery. We also offer a bunch of PullzAll accessories, too.

For those who venture out on snowmobiles, we offer the WARN SnoWinch. With 40 ft. of lightweight synthetic rope, the SnoWinch will work on battery-equipped snowmobiles, and comes with 9 ft. and 20 ft. recovery straps, remote with 12.5 ft. lead, and a pulling capacity of 1,500 lbs.

WARN Multi-Mount Winch Multi-Mount
For truck/SUV and powersports vehicle owners who want the versatility of removing their winch whenever they want, we offer our WARN Multi-Mount system. This system allows certain WARN Winches to be mounted on a removable cradle. For trucks/SUVs, this cradle fits into any standard 2", Class III receiver; for powersports applications, the cradle fits into either a 2" or 1 1/4" (Class I) hitch. This allows the winch to be moved from the front of a vehicle to the rear for outstanding versatility, too. The Multi-Mount can accommodate certain WARN Winches with capacities up to 9,500 lbs on the truck/SUV side, and up to a 4,000 lb. winch on the powersports side.

WARN M6000 SDP portable winch M6000 SDP
The WARN M6000 SDP (Short Drum Portable) winch has a pulling capacity of 6,000 lbs., a line capacity of 50 ft., and the same pulling performance of a standard WARN M6000 winch. It features a carry handle for portability, and plugs into any vehicle's Class III receiver hitch for versatile mounting ability. The kit includes built-in carrier, electrical leads, remote control, and a hawse fairlead. A great portable option for lighter trucks and SUVs.

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