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WARN Ultimate Adventure Jeep Build

Warn Industries - WARN Ultimate Adventure Jeep Build

WARN Ultimate Adventure Jeep Build
Written: May 16, 2013
by Andy Lilienthal
The Ultimate Adventure, hosted by Petersen's 4 Wheel Off-Road magazine, is an amazing journey to world-class off-road destinations across the U.S. Each year there's a new region. The destinations are kept secret, even during the event; the participants don't even know where the next stop will be. The yearly event takes place in a different part of the country every year, and each year, a lucky handful of wheelers and manufacturers are chosen to participate.

Warn has been a part of the "UA" for several years, and we're excited to be going again. This year we're brining a two-door 2007 Jeep JK on the event, but we've got to build it up first. This thing will get the full treatment, and it's getting worked on at the Clemson 4-Wheel Center in South Carolina. The picture above is how the vehicle looks right now. Our parts are starting to come in for the rig, as you can see by the picture of the below Currie Enterprises Dana 44 axle sporting WARN Premium hubs.

Stay tuned for updates to our UA Jeep build.

Currie Dana 44 front axle with WARN Premium Hubs

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