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What's the coolest off-road concept vehicle?

Warn Industries - What's the coolest off-road concept vehicle?

What's the coolest off-road concept vehicle?
Written: June 15, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
Every year, the OEMs show off concept vehicles. Sometimes these vehicles are wild, futuristic design studies (such as the recent Mercedes Unimog concept). Other times, the vehicles offer a glimpse of what an upcoming production vehicle will look like. Then there are those concepts that look so good you want to drive to your local dealer and pick one up tomorrow. Some concepts you might remember might include the Jeep Hurricane, the Polaris Revolver, the Suzuki X-Head, or the Toyota Retro Cruiser.

So what's the coolest off-road concept vehicle?

The one that immediately pops into my mind is the Ford Bronco Concept, which made its debut in 2004. Its shape recalls the original Bronco, but with a modern, very muscular twist. It showcased some aggressive looking tires, a winch, and great retro styling. It was rumored that Ford was considering building the vehicle, but it didn't happen (or should I say hasn't happened?). Whether it ever sees the production line or not, the Bronco Concept is one of my favorite 4x4 concept vehicles.

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