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What's the ultimate hunting vehicle?

Warn Industries - What's the ultimate hunting vehicle?

What's the ultimate hunting vehicle?
Written: August 30, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal
Hunting season is right around the corner in many parts of the country. To get to that favorite hunting spot with all of your hunting gear, many people trust WARN products, whether it's on a powersports vehicle or a truck/SUV. But if you could take any vehicle out hunting, what would it be? Would it be a completely tricked-out side x side? Maybe a big-ol' truck. Perhaps something else?

The most amazing, awe-inspiring hunting rig I've seen has to be the Critter Gitter. Weighing in around 13,000 lbs., equipped with 64-inch tires, and powered by a 502 cubic-inch engine, the Critter Gitter is possibly the ultimate hunting rig, at least for places it'll fit. There are options aplenty: There's a top-drive system. Available feeders. Scissors lifts. Tripods. Dog Kennels. Bow fishing platforms. You name it. If you want it, the folks at Texas-based Critter Gitter can make it happen. The vehicles I've seen in the media are around $340,000. Then again, we are talking the ultimate hunting rig. Did I mention these include wet bars and fridges? Oh, and many of these units include WARN winches, too.

So what you're ultimate hunting rig? While you think about it, check this video out.

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