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Wind, Rain, Sand, and WARN at the Oregon Coast

Warn Industries - Wind, rain, sand, and WARN at the Oregon coast

Wind, rain, sand, and WARN at the Oregon coast
Written: January 20, 2011
by Andy Lilienthal

The crew from Warn Industries went to Sand Lake Recreational area on the Oregon coast to do a photo and video shoot. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't exactly cooperating: 50 mph wind, sideways rain, and blowing sand pelted everything making just about everything difficult. This video was shot at the top of a dune where the wind was particularly bad. One of the vehicles was close to the dune's edge and sunk down, and needed to be pulled out. Normally, a quick tug with a strap would've been quicker than rigging up a winch, and would've worked ... but not this time. Both vehicles did get out, but using the winch would've ended be being faster in the end.

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