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Windy WARN photo shoot

Windy WARN photo shoot

Warn Industries - Windy WARN photo shoot

Windy WARN photo shoot
Written: June 07, 2012
by Andy Lilienthal

I'd admit: We get to go to some pretty amazing spots for our photo shoots. And if we're lucky, the weather isn't bad. Since we're located in Oregon and we've got such diverse terrain and beautiful landscapes here, a lot of our shoots take place here. Case in point was Tuesday's photo shoot. We traveled east to the Columbia River Gorge where we had access to some private land to shoot some photos and video. The Gorge is amazingly beautiful, but it can also be a harsh climate. Lucky for us, It wasn't too cold, but the wind was very strong. I've experienced stronger wind before, but I don't know if I've been in winds that strong for that long. The forecasts had said the winds were supposed to be 30-35 mph with gusts to 40, which isn't that bad. However, when it simply never dies down, it gets tiresome. In fact, it was so unrelenting that we had to park the vehicles facing the same general direction so our doors didn't get blown open and hyperextended. When you got into a vehicle, you could feel the whole thing shake. The vehicles with soft tops flapped like crazy. Our video guy had trouble keeping the cameras from shaking, even the smaller cameras would get taken by the gusts.

As you can see in this brief video, shot with my smart phone, it was a windy one. Hey, at least it wasn't raining; this is Oregon after all. And overall, it was still an amazing day with incredible views, and what should be equally incredible photos and video.

Columbia River Gorge Photo Shot

Then again, looking back, the photo shoot I filmed in January, 2011 was much worse.

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